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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  September 25, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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don't weaken clean air protections. the man accused of posing as vince young sits behind bars. victims are coming -- afterey ar years, they're back on soil and speaking out. abc 7 news starts now. alive and in high- is abc 7 newsis at 6:30, on your side. prince george's county of posing as vince
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young was arrested on friday. investigation continues to unfold. least one has come for the same he conned her into giving of dollars.s richard has the latest. this is the tale of two men. one is an nfl quarterback. the other is accused of impersonating him and stealing people's money. lost $25,000. she >> she is still reeling from a loss of $25,000. it is money she thought she was giving to nfl quarterback vince young. bar back inmet in a stephan ctually pittman. >> he proposed to me to buy the spa and have me run it.
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>> afterwards, if she would learn that police believe pittman has been impersonating young for months. ontman was arrested friday warrant.y fraud he has allegedly been making appearances at hospitals and scamming other victims at least since last june. the notion of a money scam like this has shocked many, including himself. he is pleading to his fans to be man whoat there is a him who impersonating career criminal. registered sex offender involved in crimes of violence. frightening and bitter willis.or is trying to find a
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to take on her case. the $25,000 and the promised job are both gone. we're told both d.c. and virginia authorities are very this with possible cases in their jurisdictions. park for abc 7r news. a woman is dead after a car crash around 4 >> 30 a.m. undaiassenger of the hy of the the scene accident. the crashgation into is ongoing. may be going up. they ask for permission to about $5 ates by month. officials say more money is needed to improve the infrastructure and make service more reliable. many customers recently began
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rates to pay for upgrades. it is an overcast day. may be getting some rain. rudin for theeve latest. looking at scattered showers. you can see where the showers are now. it is not going to amount to a lot. some of you in the district and arlington are seeing some before the sun sets. the days are definitely getting shorter. this will take us through midday tomorrow. the center of your screen. we could be looking at some sun afternoon. long willon is how last. long, but get ready. thee cool down on way. the full forecast is coming up. two american hikers have iraniansased from the
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prison. they arrived in new york this morning on a flight from oman. >> josh and shane are finally home. they arrived in new york on sunday morning. for the first time, they talk about their imprisonment. >> we have experienced a taste the regime's brutality. we were held in almost total world andfrom the love.hing we >> ordeal began in july of 2009 when day and a fellow hacker detained after mistakenly crossing the border. all three were accused of illegal entry into iran and espionage. sarah was released for medical reasons a year ago leaving the tehran.n last month, the men were each to eight years in prison. wednesday, prison guards gave clothes and took
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meet a surprise visitor, .omanvoy from >> he told us we were going on. >> the gulf state was instrumental in securing their on $1 million bail. men expressed their but had strong words for their captors. >> we applaud the iranian makingties for finally regarding oursion case. clear. to be they do not deserve under credit they had nohat justification to start in the first place. we are bracing for another possible government shutdown. tomorrow night, the senate will for the second time on a short-term spending bill that the government include money for federal disaster relief. senate did not have enough votes to pass it.
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some objected does not have disasterts to pay for release. if they do not come to an couldent, the government after september 30 money asd run out of early as tomorrow. still to come, history in the making. saudi arabia and grants women and importance of all right. >> we will have the latest of a straw poll in florida. forhe susan g. komen race the cure comes to an end. i have the emotional story of a
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which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today. it is a major step toward for women's rights in saudi repaired the king has announced vote will be allowed to and run for office. he said he made the decision consulting with top religious leaders. the obama administration praised saying iton significanthe theributions women make to kingdom. president obama is holding washington state california. he will hold a town hall hosted by linkedin. then go to denver to up support for his job creation bill. mitt romney is saving his
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straw poll victory in michigan. axas gov. rick perry was with 17% of the vote. both made appearances at a leadership conference in michigan yesterday. herman cain won the florida straw poll. mitt romney came in second and rick perry came in third. the susan g. komen race for the ^ wraps up.
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wasthis weekend, the area of pink as 2500 people took the streets to raise money breast cancer research. they walked more than 60 miles to raise millions.
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we are live at the national mall with more. >> this was the finish line behind me. they've wrapped things up. the ceremonies of ended. a lot of people spend an entire year during up for this 60 mile walk in just three days. some women say preparing for the was the hardl part. is miles away from throbbing these. telling me to take one more step. >> pushing her juror physical limits was the memory of her judy who she lost seven years ago to breast cancer. that tooksame disease her mother. >> it is hard to walk and raise money. is supposed to be hard. it is easy compared to people going for breast cancer. it is the same drive and
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janetination that drove line. front of the being the first to cross the is an line wishes sheent she daughter and best friend about. to be theunable disease. >> my daughter said to walk for her again. every now and then, i felt a push. it was great. >> 2500 people walked. some walked as survivors and what for some cannot. they drained emotionally and physically. when i saw her face, my fogged up. but there were a lot of tears out here. organizers told me they raised almost $2 million more than last year. this year they raised $7 million
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in just three days. the women,tion to in pain.were firefighters were wearing pink .elmets >> its bigger and better every year. at a few looking now.ered showers right it will not amount to much. the sun will set at 7:00 a 1 evening. another 15 minutes to go. we have mostly cloudy skies. 79 was the high temperature at reagan national. average this time of year is 76. the dew point level is 68. the wind is not a problem. 73 is the current reading after high of 75.
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75 was by a george washington university. annapolis is now 74 after a high of 76. temperatures are holding in the 70's are now. dulles is 75. if the temperature does not fall below 68 before midnight, today high low record temperature for them. they're very mild temperatures the coast. 75 in new york city. air is across the midwest. there is a lot of rain across indiana into lower michigan. high pressure is off the atlantic coast. two systems.n we have had gloomy weather. for that to stick weund across the area as move into the first half of the upcoming week.
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over the next 48 hours, we should see some sunshine for the arlington into montgomery county. it will not last long. for clouds to increase on tuesday. there will be a chance of showers and thunderstorms. be mostly cloudy some drizzle. temperatures will be 60 to 60 degrees. be above average again. we will have around 80 degrees. there is about a 30% chance of rain, mainly to the west of d.c. it will not amount to much. cooler air is on the way for sunday and next week. theeratures will only be in mid-60's. the nighttime lows will be in 40's in town. outside, they could see some frost. i have a brand new picture
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lights.f the northern it is really cool. you can check it out on our website. everyone is still focused on monday. was some good football this weekend. i love football season. subsets and big wins in the nfl today. -- some of upsets and big wins for a good time is mississippi.
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the toyota sports desk is localt to you by your toyota dealers. the nflas a wild day in with one unexpected result after another. the eagleslphia, e were at home. eli manning was looking for more. that is a touchdown. michael vick took a beating today. the giants were all over him. he ended up leaving the game with a broken right hand. that is not his throwing hand. up by two in the fourth quarter. the lineman and tosses it up. -- eli manning tosses it appeared he gets it and tosses
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it over. the giants go to philadelphia and win 29-16. the buffalo bills were going into today's game undefeated. this is in the fourth. the bills did not blink. they marched right down the field with the ball. that field goal is good. buffalo 3-0. they win today. between theseut teams. he runs 20 yards into the end zone. 33-32, texas. the saints a strike back. they win 40-33. if you were not sure about tony romo playing tomorrow night, do not worry. says he will start tomorrow. the cowboys have yet to win a
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opener in their new stadium. they have 11 players on the list.d the big story for the redskins landry who says he wants to against dallas. the redskins have not been off start3 and 0 since 2007. here they go. >> i do not want pat ourselves on the back too fast. every week is a week to get better. focusedust have to stay each week. >> take one game at a time. the nationals have a shot at finishing the season with a as they look to next season. they have some news about steven strasbourg. he will be on an innings limit
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he recovers from surgery. they played the braves today. thenats were up a run in seventh. that is number 21 on the year for michael. 0.ats win today 3- stewart wins his second sprint labored breathing ]
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to head over to look for yourself. >> that is gorgeous. >> that is the northern lights canada from earlier this week. we will have a big cool down on
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saturday and sunday. us.thank you for joining
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